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If this photo represents the end of most meals for you, chances are you’re a fully paid up member of the Clean Your Plate Club (CYPC).

For most of us (myself included, for a long time), the only signal to stop eating is when the plate is empty. Whilst this is no biggie, always relying on an empty plate disconnects us from our bodies inbuilt stop sign – satiety! When we eat everything on the plate without pausing, we don’t give ourselves the chance to consider how much food we actually need, whether we are satisfied, or even enjoying it that much.

Relying on an empty plate makes it easy to override satiety and this can result in unbuttoning jeans and needing a snooze. If you have been a fully paid member for a long time, it might be helping you stay at a higher weight than you feel comfortable with.

Why is it so hard to cancel your membership to the CYPC?


With so much awareness around waste, chucking food away feels BAD. If this is you, try saving whatever small amount is left over (even if it’s a mouthful or two) in a container in the fridge. Over a few meals you’ll have enough to make a lunch. Otherwise add to the compost heap or feed the birds.


Whether someone made it for us or we’re eating out, we feel bad about leaving food or paying for something we didn’t eat. If this is you, remember you can take food home, downsize portions and compliment the chef by asking for that extra bit to go.


Cleaning the plate is normal, we all do it. Habits are hard to break, but it is possible.

If you’re ready to cancel your membership, start by pausing three quarters of the way through your meal and ask, Am I still hungry? The answer might surprise you. Start by experimenting with leaving one bite, then two, and see how it feels, reminding yourself you can come back later.


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