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Since qualifying as a dietitian, I've worked on many exciting projects which have enabled me to develop and combine my skills and experience in nutrition science, writing and health technology. Here’s a taste of the projects I’m currently working on - or have worked on recently.

App developement

Careology Cancer Support

Careology is an app which uses thoughtful technology to help make things a little less complicated at a time when they're complicated enough already.


I have worked with the Careology team for a year, writing and developing recipes and content designed to help users cope with treatment and its effects.



Biamother is a coaching app for expecting and new mothers. I joined the biamother experts team a year ago, to lead the nutrition  features within the  app, developing recipes, articles and nutrition recommendations to support women through pregnancy and into motherhood.

Content Writing



Women's Health Magazine

I've been a monthly columnist for Women's Health Magazine for three years, tackling common nutrition questions and myths in a relatable and easy to understand format.  


Bay’s Kitchen

Bay's Kitchen make delicious sauces and products for people following the low FODMAP diet. I recently joined Bay's Kitchen as their dietitian, to support the educational arm of the company, providing up to date and accurate information and advice for customers on IBS and the low FODMAP diet. 



Last year I teamed up with the Wellbeing Team at Kellogg’s to create a two-part podcast series to explore the fascinating world of fibre, prebiotics and the gut microbiome.  You can listen to part one here >>


I work with the Symprove team on a monthly basis developing educational blogs, video and content about gut health. This content is shared on their website and social media, and designed to reach both health professionals and the public. 

Talks and Events

The Gut Stuff

The Gut Stuff is a fun and ingenious initiative set up by co-founders Lisa and Alana Macfarlane (The Mac Twins) which has one aim - to empower gut health in everyone. I've been hosted by the Gut Stuff on their expert panel at many events to talk about gut health, why it matters, and how we can learn to take care of our own. 

Get Health Matters in Bristol

In 2019 I teamed up with chef and fermenter Flora to deliver a workshop on the world of gut health and fermented foods in Bristol's The Forge... we had so much fun that we've since joined forces to create Get Gutsy, an online course designed to help explain the science behind gut health - and the lifestyle changes that will benefit your own.  


Lifeway Kefir

In the summer of 2019 I took the stage at the summer festival RunFestRun on behalf of Lifeway Kefir to talk about gut health, the microbiome and the science of fermented foods.



Symprove are passionate about supporting education on gut health and the microbiome. Last year I joined them to speak at a microbiome evening for health care professionals and doctors to raise awareness of the science, and discuss practical tools that can be used to support the general public in taking care of their gut health. I've also worked on a series of mini educational videos for the general public and monthly content for their blog and social media pages.   

"“I have only been working with Laura for a short time but already she has provided so much value, not only to Bay’s Kitchen but also to me on my personal IBS journey! Laura is bursting with knowledge on IBS, the gut and the Low FODMAP Diet. She has been producing content for our website which is so in depth but so useful for our followers. It’s so refreshing to speak to someone who totally gets it but also doesn’t bombard you with lots of medical jargon. She provides advice and tips which are easy to follow and actually fit in with our normal lives. I couldn’t recommend Laura highly enough to work with on both a business and a personal level.” 

- Bay Burdett, Founder & CEO of Bay’s Kitchen

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