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The IBS Guide

A 12 week self-care guide to managing IBS

The IBS Guide is a 12-week self-care programme designed to help IBS (irritable bowel syndrome) sufferers take control of their symptoms. Research suggests up to 1 in 7 people in the UK will experience IBS symptoms at some point in their life, yet the support services for this life-impacting condition are extremely limited. There is no ‘cure’ for IBS, and the main treatment options involve making changes to diet and lifestyle.


The IBS Guide has been designed to support people with IBS because I have seen how difficult it is for sufferers to access support services. We wanted to help by creating a programme which would empower individuals with IBS to start taking control of their symptoms now.


This isn’t just about diet – it’s a 360 degree approach which includes mindset, movement and meals, with clear and accessible advice.


Get Gutsy

Your no-nonsense online guide to Gut health and improving digestive wellbeing

Get Gutsy is an online, self paced course which will help you understand the importance of gut health, and how you can take care of yours.


What makes this course  different? It’s written and delivered by a unique duo - a dietitian and health writer with a specialist interest in gut health (Laura) and a chef, with a specialist interest in fermenting (Flora) - which means we have the specialist science AND the professional kitchen skills to bring all evidence based gut health information to life, as well as all the tools to make changes that last.


This course will be for anyone that has an interested in digestive wellness. 

I didn’t realise that stress could cause IBS. I’ve been doing yoga and meditation since starting The IBS Guide and this has helped me to relax and clear my mind. I’m laughing a lot more and doing more things I enjoy without worrying about needing the toilet! So far, my panic has gone, anxiety has reduced a lot and the IBS flare ups have calmed right down. I truly believe that this is predominantly to do with the The IBS Guide. Without it I think I’d be going down a different path.

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