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Need friendly, expert nutrition advice? You’ve come to the right place.


Nutrition isn’t easy to get your head around. One minute it’s five-a-day, then it’s ten. You felt sure some carbs were OK, but then you heard someone at the gym said you really shouldn’t be eating them. The messages around fat keep changing (sat fat good, sat fat bad?), and you’re confused as to whether gluten can cause gut troubles.

Baffled?  I feel you! Every day we’re told something a bit different, but quite often it’s opinion rather than science. And sometimes we don’t have enough evidence to be sure.

That said, my goal is to be a trustworthy source of information. I hope to make nutrition easier to understand, by breaking down the science we do have, and helping you understand the links between what goes on your plate, and what happens in your body.

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Laura’s copy is a joy to edit. Her ability to translate scientific jargon into original, engaging copy makes her a rare find in this industry. Her copy is diligently researched and referenced with up-to-date information, to the point where she’s requested copy back after it’s been filed in order to update it in response to a new study. Her exceptionally high standards and conscientiousness make her a dream to work with.

- Nikki Osman

Features Director, Women’s Health UK

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