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A few of you asked for the marvellous hummus (houmous?) recipe I keep hammering on about in my Instagram stories, so here it is!

Now I’d love to claim this was entirely my own, but it’s inspired by Ottolenghi’s Jeruslaem – I remember reading the cookbook and him reporting that he made his humms sans oil. WHAT? No oil? Yep. It works, trust me, and it’s delicious, and has become a staple. I’ve adapted slightly as I’m too lazy to cook my chickpeas, so I use canned chickpeas, and a smaller volume. I make mine either in a mini blender or the nutribullet, whichever is to hand. You can add flavour to this basic recipe, throw in a cooked beetroot, add some roasted peppers, but it is delicious as is. I love to keep a tub in the fridge for dipping into, slathering over toast, or topping salads. Good source of fibre for your gut bugs, good source heart healthy fats from the tahini and low cal snack option served with veggies or some oatcakes.

This recipe also inspired a chat with someone who has IBS, who told me they miss hummus – i feel you! I hear this a lot from IBS clients …pulses are higher in FODMAP sugars which can trigger bloating for sensitive tums so can be problematic. Couple of tips to try – use canned chickpeas and rinse them well before adding to the blender, swap the garlic clove for a teaspoon of garlic oil and go for a small portion – a 40g serving of canned chickpeas hummus is low FODMAP. That’s about 1/6th of the recipe.  Enjoy!


50g tahini (pop this in the blender first) – give it a good stir as you want to get it to a runny consistency before measuring out. Tip is to pop your blender on the scales, zero the scale and then pour in. Otherwise a couple of heaped tbsp should do it

  • 1 x 400g can drained and rinsed chickpeas

  • 1 clove garlic, peeled

  • Juice of 1 lemon

  • Big pinch salt and pepper

  • About 50ml cold water


Throw everything in the blender and whizz until you have a smooth consistency, might need to scrape down the sides once to get it all combined. Add a drizzle more water if needed. Keeps well in the fridge for a few days (if it lasts that long)


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